Organic Turmeric Tea or Yellow Milk

Posted on 19 March 2017

Organic Turmeric Tea or Yellow Milk
Organic Turmeric Tea

When I was growing up, Turmeric tea (which we called Yellow Milk) was one of those home remedies for the common cold that moms loved but kids — not so much. It didn’t taste great, but it did soothe a sore throat.
Recently, I was surprised to learn that this humble home remedy is gaining popularity around the world. Thankfully, with the tinkering of lots of creative people, there are many not only healthful variations but delicious ones as well.
So, of course, I had to make my own. I have used organic ingredients plus I made sure to include the right ingredients for the most potent properties. Turmeric, the star ingredient, has a lot more than just anti-inflammatory properties. It contains curcumin, which studies have suggested is a cancer fighting agent.  I have added Tellicherry pepper, both for taste but also because of its synergistic effect with turmeric — it helps the body to better absorb the curcumin. I have also added saffron, the rare flower which doubly benefits the turmeric and has a wonderfully sweet taste and aroma.
I want to include a very basic recipe to get you started with my special Turmeric tea mix, but I also encourage you do some searching and experimenting on your own. My very first customer, a restaurant owner, has had very good reviews from her customers by adding my blend to a mixture of homemade nut-milk and sweetened with honey. I’ve even heard some people like to mix a dash in with their morning coffee.
Here’s the basic recipe, which is perfect for soothing a cold or even helping to relax after a long day or before bed:
To make one cup (250 ml)

1 cup milk (dairy is the traditional choice, but any alternative may be used)
1 tsp Sitar Turmeric Tea mix
1 tsp honey, sugar, agave, etc.
Heat one cup of milk in the microwave or on the cooking range. It does not need to boil. It only needs to steam a little. Add one teaspoon of turmeric tea mix and your choice of sweetener. Mix well.  It can be drunk directly for the most benefit to your health. It will not feel grainy.

Let it steep a few minutes, and enjoy!

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