Herbs and Spices have been used by ancient Egyptians more than 7000 years ago. Both herbs and spices were known for their medicinal value to the ancient Egyptians. A trade route was established by Arab spice traders between spice growing countries like India, south east Asia and Egypt. They had the monopoly over spice trade until it was broken by the Romans. Romans introduced spices to Europe. Procuring spices was very difficult and that made them more valuable than gold.

Spices have been responsible for wars as well as discoveries of new lands. America was discovered while trying to find a faster route to India by Christopher Columbus.

Variety of spices are grown all over India which still happens to be the largest producer and exporter of a lot of spices. Western Ghats and the Malabar region of the southern tip of India is at the forefront of organic sustainable spice farming.

We source majority of our products from this part of the world.

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