About Us

It’s no secret why any business exists — we all have to make a living somehow — but at Sitar Spices and Tea we refuse to compromise the quality and authenticity of our products, even if that means less profit can be made.
It seems like everybody is offering the highest quality, freshest, and most pure product, right? Just what does any of that really mean?
 For us the commitment to quality starts from the very beginning. We only buy spices harvested during their peak season. Whenever possible, we choose organic sources. Although dried spices may last seemingly indefinitely in storage, it only takes one taste to appreciate the difference between our guaranteed fresh products and the others. 
 Uncompromising freshness might be the single most important step to ensuring that we deliver the best product, but, being a small, family run business, the rest of the process really is a labor of love. Our spice mixes are always made in small batches. Each spice is roasted individually to bring out their best flavor. This is a time consuming process, but it is worth it. Most of our spice mixes are salt free, and we never add fillers. You might be accustomed to the widely available curry mixes sold in most stores, which contain too much of the relatively cheaper ingredients like coriander and garlic powder, but we think you’ll be in for quite a surprise when you try our authentic spice blends. For starters, be sure try my mother’s unique and, in her own little corner of India, the famous Garam Masala.

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